WIreless technology protocols, standards and techniques

We can always wait a bit longer to write a better book on technology.We can always wait . . .
In this ever-changing technological scenario, keeping pace with the rapid evolution of wireless technology is a formidable, exciting, and indispensable task more than a challenge. The work is indeed herculean and often discouraging, for technology is vast, the number of topics to be approached is immense, the documentation on standards and recommendations comprises piles of uncountable pages, and we often find we are leaving something important behind when selecting the appropriate subject matter to explore. The consolation, if any, is that as we explore the technologies, we find that much commonality exists among them, although particular features are rather different in each.

Từ khóa: WIreless technology, wireless communications, thiết kế mạng, công nghệ không dây, công nghệ viễn thông, kỹ thuật viễn thông

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