Wiless communication technology

Explain the nature and importance of wireless communication. Outline the history of wireless communication. Explain the necessity for modulation in a radio communication system. Outline the roles of the transmitter, receiver, and channel in a radio communication system. Describe and explain the differences among simplex, half-duplex, and full-duplex communication systems. Describe the need for wireless networks and explain the use of repeaters. List and briefly describe the major types of modulation. State the relationship between bandwidth and information rate for any communication system. Calculate thermal noise power in a given bandwidth at a given temperature. Explain the concept of signal-to-noise ratio and its importance to communication systems. Describe the radio-frequency spectrum and convert between frequency and wavelength.

Từ khóa: wireless communication, Wiless communication technology, communication system, mạng không dây, hệ thống truyền thông, công nghệ truyền thông

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