Mobile fading channels

In order to be able to study this book, basic knowledge of probability theory and system theory is required, with which students at masters level are in general familiar. In order to simplify comprehension, the fundamental mathematical tools, which are relevant for the objectives of this book, are recapitulated at the beginning. Starting from this basic knowledge, nearly all statements made in this book are derived in detail, so that a high grade of mathematical unity is achieved. Thanks to sufficient advice and help, it is guaranteed that the interested reader can verify the results with reasonable effort. Longer derivations interrupting the flow of the content are found in the Appendices. There, the reader can also find a selection of MATLAB-programs, which should give practical help in the application of the methods described in the book. To illustrate the results, a large number of figures have been included, whose meanings are explained in the text. Use of abbreviations has generally been avoided, which in my experience simplifies the readability considerably. Furthermore, a large number of references is provided, so that the reader is led to further sources of the almost inexhaustible topic of mobile fading channel modelling.

Từ khóa: Mobile fading channels, electrical engineering, radio communications, kỹ thuật điện, probability theory, công nghệ viễn thông, kỹ thuật viễn thông

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