MIPS32® Architecture For Programmers Volume I: Introduction to the MIPS32® Architecture

The MIPS® Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) has evolved over time from the original MIPS I™ ISA, through the MIPS V™ISA, to the current MIPS32® and MIPS64® Architectures. As the ISA evolved, all extensions have been backward compatible with previous versions of the ISA. In the MIPS III™ level of the ISA, 64-bit integers and addresses were added to the instruction set. The MIPS IV™ and MIPS V™ levels of the ISA added improved floating point operations, as well as a set of instructions intended to improve the efficiency of generated code and of data movement. Because of the strict backward-compatible requirement of the ISA, such changes were unavailable to 32-bit implementations of the ISA which were, by definition, MIPS I™ or MIPS II™ implementations.

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