Handbook of Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing

The past five decades have witnessed startling advances in computing and communication technologies that were stimulated by the availability of faster, more reliable, and cheaper electronic components. The design of smaller and more powerful devices enabled their mobility, which is rapidly changing the way we compute and communicate.
For instance, the worldwide number of cellular phone subscribers has quadrupled in the last five years and has grown to over half a billion (see www.gsmdata.com). Wireless and mobile networks are emerging as networks of choice, due to the flexibility and freedom they offer. The use of satellite, cellular, radio, sensor, and ad hoc wireless networks, wireless local area networks (LAN), small portable computers, and personal communication systems (PCS) is increasing. These networks and devices support a trend toward computing on the move, known as mobile computing, nomadic computing, or computing anywhere anytime. The applications of mobile computing and wireless networks include e-commerce, personal communications, telecommunications, monitoring remote or dangerous environments, national defense (monitoring troop movements), emergency and disaster operations, remote operations of appliances, and wireless Internet access.

Từ khóa: communication technologies, Wireless Networks, Mobile Computing, công nghệ truyền thông, linh kiện điện tử, kỹ thuật điện tử

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