Electrical Engineering Dictionary

One can only appreciate the magnitude of e ort required to develop a dictionary by actually experiencing it. Although I had written nine other books, I certainly did not know what I was getting into when in January of 1996 I agreed to serve as Editor-in- Chief for this project. Now, after 2 1/2 years I understand. Unlike other books that I have written, creating this dictionary was more a test of will and stamina and an exercise in project management than mere writing. And although I have managed organizations of up to 80 academics, nothing is more like\herding cats" than motivating an international collection of almost 200 distinguished engineers, scientists, and educators scattered around the globe almost entirely via email. Yet, I think there is no other way to undertake a project like this. I still marvel at how Noah Webster must have managed to construct his English Dictionary without the bene ts of modern communication.

Từ khóa: Electrical Engineering Dictionary, từ điển điện, kỹ thuật điện, công nghệ điện, điện ứng dụng, Electrical Engineering

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