Wireless Data Technologies

While many industry experts around the world have dubbed me as a ‘Wireless Guru’, I find the need to provide my definition of ‘Wireless Guru’. A ‘Wireless Guru’ is someone who has great knowledge of the entire range of wireless technologies while having an expertise in at least one field. My fields of choice to obtain expertise are in Wireless Data Networks and Wireless Information Security. In this book I have endeavored to provide you with a basic understanding of each prevalent wireless technology and Information Security. I trace back my interest in wireless technology to the 1960s when I built my first Heathkit Radio. In the 1970s I expanded into Amateur Radio, Packet Data, and the study of Meteorology. Today I design wireless access to information networks and network infrastructures. I am also involved in the development of Wireless Information Security techniques and policies.

Từ khóa: Wireless Data Technologies, wireless technologies, Wireless Data Networks, công nghệ không dây, kỹ thuật viễn thông, công nghệ viễn thông

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