RF CMOS Power Amplifiers: Theory, Design and Implementation

The convergence of home electronics, computer, and communication technologies is one of the most exciting technological and business trends of the next decades. The key to a wireless solution is the building of intelligent units, that can communicate clearly in a wire-free environment, occupy as little space as possible, and consume low power to maximize battery life. All these criteria are best met by highly integrated, low power, battery operated micro-systems. Wireless applications are witnessing tremendous growth with proliferation of different standards covering wide, local and personal area networks (WAN, LAN and PAN). The trends call for designs that allow 1) smooth migration to future generations of wireless standards with higher data rates for multimedia applications, 2) convergence of wireless services allowing access to different standards from the same wireless device.

Từ khóa: RF CMOS Power Amplifiers, communication technologies, Wireless applications, công nghệ không dây, hệ thống viễn thông, kỹ thuật viễn thông

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