Wireless technology continues to grow at a tremendous rate, with new applications still reported almost daily. In addition to the traditional applications in communications, such as radio and television, radio-frequency (RF) and microwaves are being used in cordless phones, cellular communication, local area networks, and personal communication systems. Keyless door entry, radio-frequency identification, monitoring of patients in a hospital or a nursing home, cordless mice or keyboards for computers, and wireless networking of home appliances are some of the other areas where RF technology is being employed. Although some of these applications have traditionally used infrared technology, RF circuits are taking over, because of their superior performance. The present rate of growth in RF technology is expected to continue in the foreseeable future. These advances require the addition of personnel in the areas of radio-frequency and microwave engineering. Therefore, in addition to regular courses as a part of electrical engineering
curriculums, short courses and workshops are regularly conducted in these areas for practicing engineers.

Từ khóa: Wireless technology, thông tin liên lạc, wireless networkin, hệ thống mạng, microwave engineering, RF technology, tần số vô tuyến, kỹ thuật truyền thông

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