Advanced wired and wireless networks

We live in the era of information revolution triggered by a widespread availability of Internet and Internet based applications, further enhanced by an introduction of wireless data networks and extension of cellular networks beyond traditional mobile telephony through an addition of the mobile Internet access. The Internet has become so useful in all areas of life that we always want more of it. We want ubiquitous access (anywhere, anytime), more speed, better quality, and affordability. This book aims to bring to the reader a sample of recent research efforts representative of advances in the areas of recognized importance for the future Internet, such as ad hoc networking, mobility support and performance improvements in advanced networks and protocols. In the book, we present a selection of invited contributions, some of which have been based on the papers presented at the 2nd Workshop on the Internet, Telecommunications and Signal Processing held in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast, Australia, in December 2003.

Từ khóa: Advanced wired and wireless networks, information revolution, wireless data networks, cách mạng thông tin, khoa học công nghệ, công nghệ mạng

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