Networks and devices using planar transmissions lines

By “planar transmission line” we mean a transmission line whose conductors are on planes. Examples are microstrips and slotlines. By “device” we mean a component that is capable of having some electrical property in addition to the obvious “RF” connecting characteristic. Examples are directional couplers and phase shifters. All the devices we will study are made of planar transmission lines. By “network” we mean a set of complicated “RF” transmission lines without any additional performance beyond interconnecting capability. While the author has made an effort to explain in a simple way all the theoretical concepts involved in this text, a graduate-level knowledge of electromagnetism and related scientific areas, such as mathematical analysis and physics, is required.

Từ khóa: mạng viễn thông, planar transmissions lines, cộng nghệ mạng, kỹ thuật mạng, thông tin liên lạc, công nghệ viễn thông

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