Modern receiver front-ends Systems, Circuits, and Integration

In recent years, the research and developments in the area of RF and microwave technologies have progressed significantly due to the growing demand for applicability in wireless communication technologies. Starting from 1992, wireless communication technologies have become quite mature. In the modern era of electronic developments, design of wireless handsets is an example of integration of many diverse skill sets. Classical books in the areas of microwave technology provide us with an in-depth knowledge of electromagnetic fundamentals. On the other hand, books covering analog circuit design introduce the reader to the fundamentals of basic building blocks for wireless communications. However, with the tremendous advances in wireless technologies, both in wireless systems as well as semiconductor processes, wireless solutions have become a manifestation of integrated design philosophies in the areas of analog, microwave, and communication system theory.

Từ khóa: Systems Circuits, wireless communication technologies, wireless handsets, thiết kế mạch, công nghệ thiết kế, kỹ thuật thiết kế

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