Just a few short years ago, no one could have foreseen the huge impact that the personal computer would have on the working lives of so many people. Idling on the desk of millions of office workers around the world is a tireless instrument that extends and facilitates our ability to deliver work. Today, the personal computer and the operating systems that run it are as ubiquitous as the car, with which it shares several powerful characteristics. The modern car comes with a surfeit of features—sleek lines, aggressive low-cut features, and a powerful engine—all intended to
tempt the buyer. But, it is the road that the car travels along that makes it truly productive. Without the road, the modern car would be sleek, beautiful, and useless. Windows 2000 Professional and most other modern personal operating systems are armed with the same sleek lines, powerful engines, and aggressive features as the modern
car. To guide operating systems such as Windows 2000 Professional down the road of increased productivity, flexibility, and reliability, a robust and mission-critical server operating system infrastructure is required—an operating system infrastructure like Windows 2000 Server.

Từ khóa: Windows 2000 Professional, operating system, quản trị máy chủ, quản trị hệ điều hành, hệ điều hành, kỹ thuật máy tính

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