Introduction to RF Equipment and System Design

Every year, tens of thousands of young engineers and university graduates enter the fascinating professional field of radio frequency (RF) design. Most of them have a reasonable understanding of applied mathematics and physics, circuit theory, electromagnetism, and electronics as well as computers and programming. Despite the comprehensive courses and overwhelming educational literature, however, many of these talented young people have to face the crude practical project environment of systems and equipment without much prior knowledge of, or tutorials about, how and why things are done the way they are done. I was once in that situation. Typically, nobody in the office has time enough to explain things—and not that much time to listen, either. Often, young graduates are not acquainted with “neighboring” sciences, because the amount of information is simply too large for inclusion in any reasonable university course structure. The scientific goals of universities might also encourage both students and lecturers to concentrate on relatively narrow topical areas within which the available resources are most likely to yield academic merit. Universities emphasize publications and dissertations rather than organizational
skills or system-level thinking.

Từ khóa: System Design, RF Equipment, radio frequency design, thiết kế vô tuyến, lý thuyết mạch, điện từ trường

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