cấu trúc vi xử lý

System & Program Developments of 8051
Program Structure and Design
Introduction Advantages and Disadvantages of Structured Programming The Three Structures: statements, loops, choice Pseudo Code Syntax Assembly Language Programming

Tools & Techniques for Program Development
The Development Cycle Integration and Verification Command and Environments
2011/12/7 T. L. Jong, Dept. of E.E., NTHU 1

Structured Programming:
Organizing and coding programs that reduces complexity, improves clarity, and facilitates debugging and modifying All programs may be written using only three structures: statements, loops, and choice—too good to be true.

Introduce Structure programming to assembly language programming
Flowcharts Pseudo code Assembly language
2011/12/7 T. L. Jong, Dept. of E.E., NTHU 2

Decision block Off-page connector

Process box

Predefined process (subroutine) Program flow arrow

Input/Output block

Program terminator


T. L. Jong, Dept. of E.E.,

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